September 11, 2010
Categories: Flowers
Something Beautiful
SPDG 0410-116 Blog 2
(Photo taken at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Clean processing including slight curves adjustment and Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream action.)

The other day, my friend Sarah at Loving My Life, sent me a link to yet another photography contest. It’s as if she’s feeding the photography addiction and I love it! This particular photography challenge is hosted by several young ladies with Bloom! Magazine. I was excited to be introduced to these ladies as they are teen photographers with a lot of talent!
SPDG 0410-069 copy blog
(Photo taken at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Fairy Garden effect using these steps: CLICK HERE.)

How to Enter:
  • Post four pictures on your blog. Be sure to leave a link back to HERE
  • You can also link at the Bloom! Magazine Blog or Clicked and Captured Photography
  • Leave a comment on Allie’s Blog (or Bloom! or Hannah’s blog) with the permalink to your entry within your comment (I don’t see a linky open for this challenge).
SPDG 0410-228 copy blog
(Photo taken at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Clean processing.)

The Rules:
  • You may only enter four photos.
  • They can be edited, please say how you edited them.
  • Photos must be your own, taken by YOU.
  • Photos must follow the theme: Flowers.
IMG_5840 blog
(Photo taken in my front yard. Processing included Pioneer Woman’s 70’s action and Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream action.)

This contest is open until September 20th! Since I know that so many of my friends enjoy macro (and flower) photography, I thought I would pass this along. I’m pretty sure that these teen photographers won’t mind a little extra traffic. 

Thanks Allie and Friends for hosting this challenge!
allie photography
Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Let me know if you decide to participate in this challenge. I’d love to see your entries! With that said, I need to complete my own Scavenger Hunt!