September 09, 2010
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You Capture and Phontography: Signs
Country Club RS
Yesterday, I was in Minnesota with one of my clients.  Try as I might, I had a hard time practicing my photography skills and trying to focus on the task at hand (my day job). Furthermore, our meeting room was looked out onto a golf course. The view was incredible…sunny skies, green grass…I only wish I could have pulled out my DSLR to really take some pictures.
Airport 1 RS
I flew home last night. When I got in my car, I remembered that You Capture’s theme this week is “signs.” Now, I could have just taken this week, but I figured I would combine phontography (photography via camera phones) with this week’s theme.
Airport 2 RS
There are a number of signs located in the parking deck. Directional mostly…and the lighting is very yellow/orange. Considering how often I’m at the airport, these signs almost feel homey. How sad is that?!
Airport 3 RS
I wish I could share some of the “signs” from a restaurant I went to last night while at the airport. There was an entire wall full of interesting, provocative and funny quotes. I tried taking a few pictures with my camera phone, but I couldn’t get close enough to take a good picture. The flash was also a bit distracting…can’t really go manual on the camera phone. Anyways, I’m off to catch up on a little work and blog reading. For more You Capture and Phontography photos, go to:


Have a great day!