September 30, 2010
You Capture: Togetherness
Photographing children is not easy…especially if you want more than one child in the frame.
Stone Girls064 bw-rs
If you’re lucky, they’ll place nice…maybe even read together, but there are no guarantees.
Stone Girls082 bw-rs
This past weekend, we “hoped” to get a decent Christmas photo…this was clearly easier said than done.
Stone Girls099 bw-rs
Emma was the ultimate team player…Frances and Caroline needed a little convincing.
Stone Girls106 bw-rs
So, after a little Doritos negotiation, Emma had a little play fight with Frances.
Stone Girls110 bw-rs
Then, we decided to give our Christmas photo another go. Everyone ready? 1…2…3…
Stone Girls111 bw-rs
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I don’t know about you, but I think this last one is a winner. 

For more “togetherness,” go to: 

By the way, several people have asked me if I was using my flash during this portrait session. The short answer is yes. Being inside with limited lighting, I didn’t want to risk missing a moment due to incorrect settings. I did not use my on-board flash (in fact, I don’t recommend it), but I did use this.  

Now that you know WHAT I was using, now you’re wanting to know how I used it…right? For you my friend, I offer two links that you NEED to read: 
  • Dragging the Shutter (Becoming Mom – check out her website….she was one of my first blogging inspirations and writes incredible tutorials). 
  • Dragging the Shutter (Neil van Niekerk – I just found Neil’s site and he explains lighting really well…in particular, he breaks down natural lighting, natural looking flash, ambient lighting, dragging the shutter, bounce lighting, etc). I’ll be adding his site to my Inspiration page as a reference. 
So read those and let me know if that makes any sense. Have a great day!