October 11, 2010
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10.10.10 – Ten on Ten!
How cool is it that yesterday was October 10, 2010?! I decided it was a great month to start something I’ve been seeing for a few months now called “Ten on Ten.” My understanding is that you take ten photos on the 10th of the month…one every hour. Last month when I missed it, I decided that I would add it to my calendar so that I wouldn’t forget on 10.10.10. Anyways, here’s what my day looked like.
101010-8 RS
I woke up just after 8 am and walked downstairs. At 8:15, I figured I would start “Ten on Ten” (8:15 am).
101010-9 RS
An hour later, we were at the gym. As you can see, I’ve got my gym shoes on. I thought it’d be a little much to take my camera into the gym…I think they frown upon that kinda thing (9:03 am).
101010-10 RS
We came home and my husband made us brunch. We had ham, egg and cheese sandwiches – YUM  (10:14 am). 

101010-11 RS
We’ve got one real plant in our house. My husband thinks it’s his duty to move the plant into the sun during the day…it’s typically in the bathroom with little daylight (11:34 am).
101010-12 RS
I thought it might be nice to run a few errands (and not bore you with pictures of me sitting in front of my computer all day), so I went upstairs to get ready. I put on my favorite t-shirt (for the moment). It says “how many licks?”…remember the Tootsie Pop Owl (12:16 pm)?
beep click

101010-1 RS
We started by looking at televisions (1:24 pm).
101010-2 RS
We then tried to grab a bite to eat at a new Irish restaurant. I say try, because once we were seated…no one ever came to take our order. So, we left and went to Jason’s Deli instead. I love their broccoli and cheese soup (2:32 pm).
101010-3 RS
Once we came home, I spent most of the afternoon checking out all of the awesome Scavenger Hunt Sunday entries, editing photos from the past two weekends of portrait sessions and snapping a photo each hour. I thought for this particular hour, I would take a picture of an ornament my friend Candace made. She and her husband will be moving to Florida on Tuesday…she made these ornaments with their new address on them. Aren’t they cute (3:29 pm)?

101010-4 RS
As you can see, at this point in the afternoon…the plant has been moved to a sunnier spot. I think it’s quite funny that the plant moves with the sun all day long (4:26 pm).
101010-5 RS
Like I said, I spent a number of hours in front of my laptop…and watching our favorite shows on our DVR. Who loves Mad Men? We do (5:23 pm)!
101010-6 RS
Most Sunday nights, my husband is packing for another week away. Kitty Paw hates to see her daddy leave, so she’ll sit on his suitcase. It’s pretty cute. I thought this photo was a great way to end the day (6:25 pm), and a great photo to share with Bliss’ photo challenge: pets. 

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