Anniversary Cake!
I love love loved our wedding cake. When we were planning our wedding, I went to a bridal show for “inspiration.” To be completely honest, I thought the whole thing was a waste of time with the exception of CAKE TASTINGS! I hadn’t quite figured out what type of cake we’d have at our wedding…I just knew that we’d probably use a local baker – one who typically baked pound cakes and decorated with fondant. That would have been all fine and good until I had a taste of a sweet potato cake. 

I remember leaving the show with my mom talking about how much I loved that sweet potato cake…it was absolutely necessary to have a sweet potato wedding cake. She loved it too and couldn’t wait to drop by our baker’s home to discuss a sweet potato recipe. So, within a week or so of the bridal show, my mom stopped by this lady’s home. She’s been baking our cakes from this woman for years, so my mom pulled around to the back of her house and knocked on the back door (because that’s what you do in small towns, right?). It was unlocked and gently opened, so she went on into the kitchen to leave the recipe on top of her mixer with a note. She was not expecting what happened next…

Out of nowhere, our baker comes around the corner wearing nothing more than her underwear (bra and panties of course). Oddly enough, she wasn’t embarrassed at all and continued to have a conversation with my mom for another 10-15 minutes. Some people might have second thoughts about using this lady as our wedding cake baker, but this wasn’t our first strange wedding planning experience (I’ll have to tell you about our caterer’s husband’s underwear sometime),  and we decided to take a chance.
Cake Collage
Our cake was a four-tier sweet potato cake with butter-cream frosting, covered in dogwood flowers (very southern…the North Carolina state flower). My mom made the little love bird cake topper. It was DELICIOUS! Photos above by Lynette Mittendorf.
IMG_7472 RS
I’m not sure that I effectively covered the top tier of our cake before freezing it, but one year later, we pulled it out of the freezer for another bite.
IMG_7477 RS
It was quite the process…move from freezer to refrigerator overnight to thaw out (Saturday night). Early afternoon, move from refrigerator to counter to warm to room temperature. At time of serving…unwrap from tin foil, cut slice and warm for 25 seconds. Pour yourself a glass of milk and enjoy! It was seriously delicious…even better than I remembered.
IMG_7478 RS
Our cake is back in tin foil, back in the freezer…waiting for another year (I’ve been told that it’ll keep for years as long as it’s well wrapped). 
I’m not sure I can wait another year. Have a great day!

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