October 25, 2010
I Heart Faces: “Pink”
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this week’s I Heart Faces’ theme is PINK. I actually have a photo to contribute this week (as a result of a few recent photo sessions). Many of you have already seen this gorgeous baby – she’s chewing on a PINK camera.
Brown Eyed Girl
Actually, we almost had a fight over that pink camera. Her older sister, Frances, was originally playing with it, when Caroline (the baby above) decided she wanted a chew toy. It was such a cute moment that I begged Frances to let her play with it for just a minute. I’m just glad Frances was willing to play nice. I am in love with those brown eyes. For more “pink” photos, go to: 
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By the way, I’m traveling today so I will return your emails and comments later tonight. Have a great day!

Added on October 27, 2010: I’m also submitting this photo to Pixel Perfect’s Photo Contest. If I win, I get an Epiphanie Camera bag of my choosing!! In case you’re wondering…I really want to win. For the details, click here: