October 14, 2010
Interview with a Kitty Paw
Kitty Paw was not “physically” harmed in the making of this interview and photo shoot (emotionally…maybe). 

I love having Kitty Paw in my life. I adopted her from my parents about six years ago when I felt as though she wasn’t given enough attention at my parents house (at the time they had two  indoor dogs, two outdoor dogs and another cat – they’re down to just two indoor dogs now). Kitty Paw is clearly “only child” material. 

Anyways, for those of you that don’t live with a cat (notice…I’m choosing my words carefully – I don’t own Kitty Paw, I live with her), cats are great! During the day (while I’m at work), she sleeps, eats, uses the bathroom, sleeps, bathes, sleeps, eats…you get the point. Then, she hears the garage door and stops doing whatever she’s doing to greet me (or my husband) at the back door. If we’re home, she’s right by our side…in the bathroom, on the couch…wherever we go, she goes. It’s pretty cute.  We get all the joys of a pet without the daily cleanup (minus a little de-hairing).
Kitty Paw 101210-1 RS
Unlike dogs, cats DO NOT enjoy playing dress up. Does this stop me…NO! So, I’m walking around Target the other day…wasting time, when I walk past the pet pajamas. I must have walked back and forth across the display a dozen times – picking up an outfit and then putting it back. Finally, I decided that even though I would only get about 5 minutes of laughter and photographs from the outfit…it was totally worth it. As you can see from the series of pictures, she is not amused.
Kitty Paw 101210-2 RS
After reading Chelsey and Mandy‘s pet posts, I thought it’d be fun to do an “Interview with a Kitty Paw.” Obviously, this is my best understanding of her responses, since most times I got a meow or boak… 

1. Kitty Paw, how do you like living with Ashley and Jeremy?  

They’re pretty great! Jeremy is so good about keeping my litter box clean and my water bowl full. And then Ashley treats me like a sister…she stays out of my way and lets me do my thing. Although I didn’t really appreciate her dressing me up like a doll baby. Not cool!
Kitty Paw 101210-3 RS
2. What do you do all day while Ashley and Jeremy are gone? 

You have no idea how much effort goes into looking this good. I sleep for at least six hours during the day…I mean, a cat’s gotta get her beauty rest. Then, I eat that junk you call food upstairs…I much prefer deli turkey or chicken. Can I have more of that?! Sometimes I talk to Bernard next door…he barks, I meow. But mostly, I’m just scheming to take over the world.
Kitty Paw 101210-4 RS
3. How do you really feel about your name? What is your full name?

You mean Kitty Paw…I’m down with it, although I’m kinda digging the nick names you’ve been throwing out lately. (Side note: we make up names for her everyday depending on the mood we think she’s in. We’re convinced that some days she thinks she’s gangsta and other days, she’s rather proper…I don’t know – we’re weird) My full name is actually Princess Kittrella Panelope, but you can call me Kitty Paw or just Pa.
Kitty Paw 101210-6 RS
4. What is your favorite toy? 

Isn’t it obvious? I love that bird thing you got me, but only after you pulled it off of that dumb hanger thing it was on. I really enjoy toting it around the house with me. I also like bows and anything with cat nip. Of course, I also love bugs. I don’t know why, but if there is a bug (or button, piece of trash, tag, etc) on the ground…I’m going to play with it. On the other hand, that chirping rat you bought was ridiculous. I’m a bird cat, so let’s keep the toy purchases focused on BIRDS!
Kitty Paw 101210-7 RS
5. Are you more like Ashley or Jeremy? 

Ashley…for sure, and I think Jeremy would agree. I’m usually pretty sweet but I need to regularly sleep and eat (who doesn’t). I can also be pretty moody so if you catch in the wrong moment. Example – in one minute, I can enjoy being rubbed…in the next, get your hands off me fool!
Kitty Paw 101210-8 RS
6. Where is your favorite place to sleep? 

Well, it depends on the time of day. I love the morning sun, so I will usually sun bathe in the morning. But then it gets too bright and I prefer a cool dark place, like under the bed. Then of course I love the green couch…especially after you or Jeremy have moved – I love that warm spot you leave behind.
Kitty Paw 101210-5 RS
7. How do you feel about a baby sister or brother one day? 

Let’s not talk about it. This interview is over…I’ve got licking to do.

I hope you enjoyed my little interview with Kitty Paw half as much as I enjoyed writing it. 
Have a great day!


PS: I’m with a client all day. You know the deal…give me a break as I return emails and make blog visits.