October 01, 2010
Macro Friday
Before I share my Macro Friday photo, I wanted to share some good news…
Flowers in the Fairy Garden by Ashley Sisk
I made Pioneer Woman’s GROUP ONE!!!
I don’t usually submit my photos to Pioneer Woman because I’ve always been intimidated by the other entries. And, I figure what are the chances that my photos would ever be selected as a favorite. But she picked me! I don’t even care that she (her team) grabbed the title of the photo instead of my name. Anyways, if you want to see the others that were chosen in Group One, just click on the chicken above. 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…
IMG_6847 RS
Yesterday afternoon, I had nothing prepared for SkyWatch Friday or Macro Friday. Heck, I was still writing a guest post for Jamie over at Pure Joy to post at some point during her maternity leave. Then I came home and realized that we just had a good rain and I should try to capture some water droplet shots. We then ran some errands and I spotted a rainbow on our way home. Anyways…I’m rambling.

I did not use my Macro lens for this shot (I did use my 28-75 mm lens – this is my walk-around lens). And, in post-processing, I added one of Shadowhouse Creations’ new bokeh textures to add a little more sparkle. This is a similar shot as one I took in June (click here), but I feel like the mood is a little different. I don’t know…I like it and I hope you do too. For more macro shots, go to:

Blogging from Bolivia

In other news, the October 2010 Photo Hunt has been posted. I will be including at least two items from the list during our Scavenger Hunt, but if you’re interested in participating, go on over and sign up. Until then, have a great day!