October 08, 2010
Macro Friday
If you asked me yesterday what I was going to post today, I probably told you that I have nothing. Nothing. In fact, I was almost prepared to not post anything today – but seriously people, that might be painful…and we’ve already established that I have an addiction problem (photo challenge addiction, it’s a real thing…look it up).  

Anyways, I got my hair did yesterday afternoon. Macro hair photography isn’t really my forte, so I thought I’d photograph something a little more symbolic…and abstract. I also played around with my processing, because I like to mix things up around here. What do you think?
Brush 1 RS
Only after my mini-photo session did I notice that Natalie’s Shoot-N-Tell challenge this week is “circular.” Maybe this is a stretch, but the tips of my hair brush are CIRCULAR.
Brush 2 RS
And just because I can…here’s one more perspective.
Brush 3 RS

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Hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to finish writing a report…seriously, I’ve got to finish!