NC State Fair 2010: Part 1
This week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme at Trendy Treehouse is a “Story in Pictures.” So, I thought I’d start (notice…this is Part 1) telling my State Fair story. The following is a few favorites from Saturday and Monday’s fair experiences. As I edit more…I’ll share more later in the week.

When we arrived at the fair on Saturday…it was crazy busy. We actually parked a mile or so away and walked to the fairgrounds. Everyone else was stuck in traffic, so it appeared to be a time saver (and money saver as it was free that far away). I had three objectives this year at the fair: 
  1. Eat good (nasty, greasy, fattening) fair food.
  2. See the livestock.
  3. Ride the Ferris Wheel!
So, we ate and then decided to head over to the livestock area. Man…did it stink! I think I may use one of my photos from the livestock area for this week’s Scavenger Hunt item: 5 Senses (for those of you having trouble with this item, I’m likely going to describe the 5 senses as I was taking the photo, but feel free to be creative). Most of the sheep looked sad. Their big furry coats were being shaven off and many of them were crammed into small spaces. I’m sure they’re use to these conditions but they still looked sad. These two looked like they were having quite the conversation.
IMG_7368 RS
This next photo was taken on Monday evening at the Petting Zoo. I met up with Sarah from Loving My Life since her family was in town and had never been to a state fair. I thought it was a great excuse to hang out and bring my camera. This particular shot is SOOC (well as SOOC as I can get by shooting raw). I was particularly happy with the lighting and focus – I think I’m falling back in love with my 50 mm f/1.8 lens.
For more SOOC shots, go to:

While at the Petting Zoo, we saw a couple of camels wandering around. For some reason, I am fascinated with camels…especially their eyes. I wonder what type of story they would tell?
IMG_7483 RS
Going back to my Saturday fair visit…we saw these adorable piglets taking a rest close to their mother. The lighting is so sweet here. Unfortunately, the harsh reality for any of the animals in the livestock area is that one day…these animals will be on our plate.
IMG_7400 RS
For more life and death photos, go to: 

On a much more pleasant note…after seeing the livestock, we decided we wanted to eat something “deep fried.” Yes, southerners love some fried food and at the fair, it doesn’t stop at chicken and dough. This year’s fair offered Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburgers and deep fried butter amongst many other options. In case you’re wondering…I did not have one of those hamburgers or eat the deep fried butter…gross! I did try a deep fried Reese Peanut Butter Cup and it was delicious!
IMG_7461 RS
Obviously, after you eat anything deep fried, you want to ride a few fair rides…so, we walked over to the Ferris Wheel. As you might imagine, the Ferris Wheel is pretty popular, so we had to wait in line for a little while. No worries…I had my camera so I was snapping away.
IMG_7417 RS
I think I’ll share this photo to represent my fair experience. For more “stories in pictures,” go to:

While we were waiting, I noticed the guy below. Out of nowhere, he just started dancing. As you can see, some people stopped to watch, while others kept on moving. He was quite entertaining.
IMG_7421 RS

We finally reach the front of the line and are told to head to the top of the platform for our seats. I was pretty excited until the next part of four was also told to wait at the top of the platform for their seats. I think they misunderstood and before we knew it, our party of two became six! Nonetheless, we made the most of it and I made sure to take a few photos of the entire fair. I wasn’t lying when I said it was packed!
IMG_7432 RS
We rode one more ride and then started walking back to the car. I don’t know about you…but three hours at the state fair is about all I can stand.
IMG_7419 RS
So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh…and this photo makes me happy.

I hope everyone has a great day! If you’re hosting a photo challenge and I didn’t link up with you (and one of my photos would apply), please let me know. I can’t always keep track of everything that’s going on.