October 22, 2010
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October Skies
I’ve mentioned a time or two that I love autumn. I love the weather, the change of colors and the sky. I’ve been looking up at the sky a lot lately…each day is different. God is really an amazing artist! I’ve taken so many beautiful sky photos lately, that I thought I’d share a couple with you today (and don’t forget that one of your Scavenger Hunt items this week is sky too)…I’m still holding onto a couple for Sunday. 

This first shot was taken on my way to work this week. The sky was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to pull up to a stop light so I could capture the moment. This is almost SOOC, but I did adjust the levels just a touch to create more of a silhouette with the trees and traffic signals.
IMG_7543 RS
This next shot was taken on an airplane last week and I forgot to share it. I found it the other night as I was going through my SD card. Typically, I just bring my point and shoot camera when I travel for business. For whatever reason, I decided to bring my DSLR on this trip…and I’m so glad I did. The shot below is SOOC.
IMG_7319 RS
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Straight out of the camera, not photo editing
Last night, I looked back at the original photo and while I liked it…I had an itch to work with textures. I’m really pleased with how this shot turned out…kinda looks like a  vintage postcard. What do you think?
IMG_7319 tex RS
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PS: Don’t forget to use your camera tomorrow! One of the October 2010 Photo Hunt items is “best photo taken on October 23rd.” Have a great day!