October 18, 2010
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Thank You and Macro Monday
We had a wonderful anniversary weekend and I want to thank everyone for your sweet anniversary messages. I did not make it a point to return every comment (in an effort to step away from the blog this weekend – which means that I’ve likely missed most of your weekend posts with the exception of Scavenger Hunt Sunday) but I do want you to know that your kind words meant so much to us.

Later this week, I hope to share some of my photos from our trip to the fair…and maybe a few cake photos (yes, we did eat a piece from the top of our wedding cake and it was DELICIOUS), but today I thought I’d share my parents gift to us on our first anniversary.
Present RS
My mom does the most beautiful job with packages. I thought I’d use a little back lighting to let it shine. By the way, I think I missed last week’s alphabet shoot, but wouldn’t this work for G. G is for GIFT! (FYI: the ABC challenge will be back up and running on October 24th)
Inside the beautifully wrapped package was this beautiful GLASS (G is for Glass) candlestick. I love all the fine details.
And here is a closer look at the top of the candlestick…not a true macro, but still lovely. For more macros and alphabet shoot photos, go to:
Have a great day!