October 07, 2010
Tommy and Stacey: Sneak Peek!
I mentioned on Tuesday that I met up with Tommy and Stacey on Sunday for my second engagement photo session. If you haven’t seen one of my favorites from that session, click here (I seriously think they should blow this up or send out as Save-the-Date cards…something). 

I learned a few lessons during our session: 
  1. I am not going to actively pursue a portrait photography career…at least not any time soon.
  2. I need a lot more practice shooting people (I am so much more comfortable with still-life).
  3. I have no idea how to give people direction – although I don’t care for posing…I believe it may be necessary. 
  4. I need to pay better attention to my backgrounds so I don’t have to do so much creative editing. 
Anyways, thank you Tommy and Stacey’s for being patient with me as I continue to learn this style of photography. I think we were able to capture a few great moments, and I’m seriously excited to attend your wedding this spring. There’s no denying that you two are madly in love.
IMG_6946 RS

IMG_6955 RS

IMG_6977-2 RS

IMG_6969 RS

IMG_7004-2 RS

IMG_7000 RS

IMG_7074 RS

IMG_7078 RS

IMG_7016-2 RS
I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak. Congratulations Tommy and Stacey!

For more “face” photos, go to:

Have a great day!