October 13, 2010
Touch-Up Tuesday: Old Barns
Monday afternoon, on my way home from the gym, I wanted to find some cows. I knew there were some cows on a country road, and I thought I could get a decent photo for I Heart Faces’ challenge this week: beef. I pulled over and quietly got out of my car, but as I approached a cow close to the fence, she decided she had better places to be than within camera range. Lesson learned…bring telephoto lens and shoot from a distance. 

So I didn’t get the cow shot that I had in mind, but I did get something nearly as good, so I thought I’d share it for Touch-Up Tuesday.
IMG_7249 original
You’ll have to forgive me for keeping it simple tonight…I’ve gotta pack. I did a clean edit using Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean (because I have a hard time breaking old habits) and then applied Little Bee by Four Hens Photography.
Photography love...
Here you see my “touch-up”. This picture actually has multiple elements that I love. I love the subtle changing of colors…the old farm house…the cow…the light!
IMG_7249 RS
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Have a great night!