Dustyn and Carsyn
A few weeks ago, I met up with Sarah from Loving My Life. I’ve already shared a few photos from that session, but I thought I’d share just a few more of the boys. I love this first shot of Dustyn because it’s so real. Two and three year old children just don’t stay still. I think I thought that if I took enough pictures, I could get at least a few where they are looking at the camera by accident (and I certainly did get a few shots like that)…however, I’m becoming more and more fond of those shots where children are being themselves…running, giggling, jumping…just being kids. Take this shot for example, Dustyn is actually running to his mom, but look how happy he is!
IMG_7668 RS
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One of the things I really enjoy about photographing children is the wild faces they make while in front of the camera (regardless of whether or not they know you’re there). What do you think Dustyn is thinking in each of these shots? Feel free to caption.
Dustyn BW Collage
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So, I think there’s nothing left to say…these photos make me happy, and I hope they bring you a little joy too. Have a wonderful day!
Carsyn-Dustyn Collage

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