November 12, 2010
Fix-MyPhoto Friday
Some of you may remember that I Heart Faces’ Fix-It Friday used to feature reader photos. In June, they had to change their approach: read about it HERE. Since that time, I have been a bit uninspired by the professional photographer’s images submitted for fixing. Professionals will tend to get it right in camera, thus requiring little more than style. 

Fortunately, The Trendy Treehouse has just started their own version of Fix-It Friday called “Fix-MyPhoto Friday.” {fix-myphoto} Fridays is a fun extension of Shutter Love Tuesdays! Every week Tara or Jamie will post a photo to their Flickr account for us to download and fix! Then after you fix it, you are to:
  1. Write up a post explaining what steps you took to fix the photo
  2. Identify what programs you used
  3. Include the before and after photos
  4. Share as many fixes as you’d like.
  5. Then come by Trendy Treehouse to link up your fix.
  6. Don’t forget to add a TT Button in your post ~ you can grab the regular button or Shutter Love button ~ it’s up to you.
My Fix 111210 Before and After
I love this picture – it’s actually Tara’s little girl and it has so much potential but needs a little brightening up! Rather than get crazy with my edits, I decided to keep it simple and walk you through my current workflow process.
  • Started in Adobe Camera Raw with an auto fix on exposure. I think opened the photo in Photoshop Elements 7 and cropped it a little closer. 
  • From there, I made a curves adjustment. For those of you operating in PSE, you’ll have to add a curves action – you can get one here
  • Then I ran Squeaky Clean (it’s part of my standard workflow), followed by Pioneer Woman’s Boost action (adjusted to meet my tastes).
  • I decided that her face needed a little cleaning up, so I ran Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room and did a little evening out…I also used this action to brighten her eyes.
  • Finally, I applied Everyday Elements: Florida action for a nice fresh look before resizing and sharpening for the web.
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