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Give Thanks RS
I did not take many photos during Thanksgiving. My family clearly knows that I love photography and I love blogging, but I’m not sure I need to rub their nose in it every time I’m around them. There are times that I just want to live in the moment. 

However, I did take a few photos during Thanksgiving weekend and this is one of them – my mother/father-in-law’s home. For me, their home reminds me of our family there (we’re about 4.5 hours away, so we only see them a few times a year)…and I am so thankful for marrying into such a wonderful family. My father-in-law built this home several years ago with his own two hands – I know this because he’s walked me through every detail. He tells a story (I’d never be able to tell it as well as him) of how they searched for just the right piece of land to build their “ever-after” home. When this land became available, they knew it was God’s blessing. I know that one day, we too, will have such a blessing. We have already been blessed with so much and that makes me really happy.

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With that said, don’t forget to enter my photograph giveaway. You have until Thursday to enter! You can also sign up for this year’s newest end-of-year link-up party: Memories, Dreams and Reflections! Click on the icons below for more information. 

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