November 22, 2010
Categories: I ♥ Faces
I Heart Faces: Paper
This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “paper.” I thought I’d share this picture of Frances reading at the end of our last portrait session. She was trying so hard to ignore me, so I figured I would sit in front of her and snap until she looked up. As you can see…she didn’t look up.
IMG_8086 copy 2 RS
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On another note, I had major Google Reader/Blog issues yesterday. I suspect that a number of blogs that I follow are not showing up in my reader. Therefore, I have no idea what feeds I am not receiving. If for any reason, I didn’t stop by yesterday, I blame it on Google. I’m actively looking to correct the issue, but I wanted to let you guys know what was up. Also, don’t forget to enter my photograph giveaway. You have until December 2nd to enter! Click on the icon below for more information. 
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