In Your Eyes…
There are a number of challenges today that focus on “eyes.” I don’t have much to say about eyes other than I do believe that your eyes say a lot about the type of person you are. I can look into a person’s eyes and tell if they are trustworthy…or not, if they are strong, if they are happy, if they’ve been hurt, if they are sad… But the eyes I share today are happy…even silly. So, without further discussion, here’s Frances!
IMG_7998 RS
Frances is one silly bean. She made me work for these two shots (and any others I’ve been able to capture) since a photo shoot was not part of her agenda. In this case, she was laying in the grass, being silly when I stepped over her for a few quick shots. I shared the other photo in this series last week. For more “looking up” and “window to the soul” photos, go to:


IMG_7997 RS
Now this photo of Frances has pure mischief written all over it. I may be getting a grin, but those eyes say it all. I think she got up and ran after this shot. For more “emotion” and “sweet shots” go to: 

PhotobucketSweet Shot Day

IMG_8226 RS
Finally, a shot of Kitty Paw…because she hasn’t gotten enough attention lately. The other night, I’d already used my speedlight to take the Teddy Bear shot from earlier today (I used my flash because I didn’t decide to take the shot until it was late and dark outside) when Kitty Paw became a little curious about what I was doing. The first couple of shots were a blur, then I was able to capture her under our coffee table. I love those big yellow/green eyes. For more beautiful eyes, go to: 

Have a great day!