My Teddy Bear
When I saw this week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme, I was a bit stumped, but then I looked over and saw my brown teddy bear. As it turns out, this week’s Live Every Moment photo challenge theme is also brown (you can click HERE to vote for my “in disguise” entry from last week). Believe it not, I sleep with this little guy…he brings me peace and helps me sleep.
IMG_8219-2 RS
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I obviously used a lot of texture on the above shot, so I thought I’d take a step back and share my SOOC shot…and also share my texture layers.
Lens: Tamron 28-75 mm, Focal Length: 45 mm, ISO: 200, Aperture: f/4, Exposure: 1/80 with Speedlight (dragging the shutter – pointed back at 60 degree angle)
Photography love...

I ran this photo through my typical workflow (which includes Adobe Camera Raw and Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean in Photoshop Elements 7). I may or may not have used a high pass filter on a soft light blending mode (this is often one of my steps to make an element of the photo pop, but I didn’t write it down this time), but I definitely used the healing tool to heal out the crease in the couch. I then applied a series of textures to artsy it up. These layers run bottom to top (so you would apply them in this order):
  • Heavens Blush (I think this is by Shadowhouse Creations), Overlay blending mode at 100% opacity.
  • Mustard See by Kim Klassen, Multiply blending mode at 50% opacity.
  • Abstract by Kim Klassen, Multiply blending mode at 25% opacity.
  • 10.10.10 by Kim Klassen, Lighten blending mode at 30% opacity.
  • Timeworn by Paint the Moon, Screen blending mode at 38% opacity.
  • Quote applied at 100% opacity
  • Layers by Kim Klassen, Multiply blending mode at 80% opacity. 
  • Fairy Dust (I can’t seem to find who this one is by), Screen blending mode at 6% opacity.
I then adjusted the saturation because my laptop is a little yellow heavy, resized and sharpened. Did I lose you?

If you own Photoshop Elements, I encourage you to take Kim Klassen’s Skinny Mini e-course. She’s going through all things Elements (also applies to your regular version of Photoshop) in a way that makes it simple (one of these days, I’m hoping that I can make video tutorials like her). She is also offering a class on the art of TEXTURE. I’m obviously a fan of texture and her textures are awesome. If nothing else, sign up for her newsletters. Each Friday, she’ll send out a free texture (this is where I got all of the Kim Klassen textures above). Anyways, check her out!

Have a great day!