November 11, 2010
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Power Lines and Birthdays
I carry my camera with me everywhere, so it didn’t surprise my friend Caroline when she saw me pull my camera out from my bag to take a picture of the power lines on my way to a birthday celebration. Actually, she wasn’t sure what I was doing since she was in the car behind me, but she later commented that the new “no texting while driving” policy clearly does not apply to cameras.
Power Lines RS
Actually, I thought there was something really interesting about these power lines…or perhaps I just thought the power lines looked really interesting against the sky. Considering that this week’s Lens Art theme is “lines,” I think these power lines are even more interesting. I could be annoyed that I got some sort of strange glare by shooting through my window, but I think it looks cool. So, enough of my rambling. 

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 While I’m here, I also need to wish one of my best friends a happy birthday…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN! It was her birthday we were celebrating on Sunday by going to a wine tasting, so I thought I’d post our group photo (yep, I’m IN the photo). Yes…I trusted some random person with my camera. Unfortunately, I had to switch to auto, which meant pop-up flash (shutters). What’s most important is that we were able to capture the moment. Jenn wasn’t wearing a crown or sash, but I thought it was a nice addition.
Happy Birthday Jenn RS