November 04, 2010
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You Capture: Silence
This week’s You Capture theme is “silence.” Actually, there are two themes: Halloween and silence…I just chose to share my “silent” photo since I’ve already shared so much Halloween goodness (that and I’m saving one for the new Live Every Moment Photo Challenge which starts tomorrow – the theme is “In Disguise”). 

I often associate silence with sleep. My mind races all day long and I look forward to getting a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, sleep is not always easy for me and I struggle to turn off the noise. Praying myself to sleep does not always work. In the past year, I’ve completely changed how I go to sleep. At one point, I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks past a certain hour…I don’t worry as much about this one, but I do prefer non-caffeinated drinks after dinner. I also don’t check work emails once I’m home from work…I found that simply checking work emails caused me a little bit of anxiety – is that weird? Finally, I take one Zyrtec and pop in my ear plugs before reading a chapter of whatever book is laying on my bedside table. If I’m traveling the next day, chances are that I’ll toss and turn most of the night…heck, if my husband is traveling, I’ll toss and turn.
IMG_8139 RS
“Silence is the secret to sanity.”  ~Astrid Alauda

Nonetheless, silence and sleep are both necessary…for me to stay creative, for me to feel alive, for me to be sane…and I will do anything to get them. As I’m writing this message, I can only hope that I get a good night’s rest (I’m flying to New York this morning and flying back this evening). 

With that said, have a wonderful day. I’ll be back tonight to return emails and visits. Until then, check out more Halloween and silence photos at: