12.10.10 – Ten on Ten!

December 11, 2010
Today was just another day in my life…at work…in my office. 8:21 am: I pull out of my driveaway. The sky is beautiful. 9:30 am: As you might imagine, I’m at my computer. 10:35 am: I glance over at my coffee cup…should I have another cup? Nah.11:35 am: Hmm…what might be interesting to photograph? Oh here, my “peace” rock. 12:31 am: Time for lunch – Lean Cuisine. 1:30 pm: Dessert…snowman cookie. Yum!2:34 pm: I get up to stretch and decide to photograph one of my decorative flowers. Isn’t it pretty? 3:39 pm: It’s kind of amazing...