December 02, 2010
Faces in the Sky
This month’s ACoLab assignment was “Dreamland.” As is often the case with these assignments, I wanted to produce something a little different. For weeks I was drawing a blank until I looked up into the sky. The clouds were absolutely incredible  so I decided to just sit there and try to identify various shapes as they floated by. I must have gotten lost in thought because I found myself seeing faces hidden amongst the clouds. Clearly, I must have been daydreaming. So, with that “dream” in mind, I captured the moment and went into post-processing with a plan.
Faces in the Sky SOOC
(SOOC = ISO 100, f/8, 1/2500 – Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens)

To be honest with you, I processed this photo weeks ago and (gasp) did not save my steps but I would like to share with you at least one tip for creating a similar effect. Before we get into any discussion of texture though, I want to remind you to always run a clean edit (basic curves and levels adjustments) on your photos before either adding texture or converting to black and white…this will keep everything looking fresh. 

You can then add any sort of additional actions to create your own individual style. Based on the tons of this image, I believe I used Desolate by My Four Hens. For this piece, I also used a texture that I call “Vintage Ladies.” I have tried to find the original image…I believe I found it at DeviantArt, but I can’t seem to find it again (I hate to post it without giving proper credit to the artist). 

Anyways…I wanted these ladies to subtly appear in the clouds so I dragged the texture over my image. I then set the texture’s blending mode to multiple and created a layer mask. I filled the layer mask black and used a soft white brush at a low opacity (I tend to use something around 25-30% opacity) to paint over the areas in which I wanted the texture to appear. I’m sure I tinkered around with the processing a little more beyond adding texture, but this gives you the basic idea. 
Faces in the Sky RS
If you’re on a laptop…try tilting your screen a little to see the faces darken and lighten. It kind of looks like a hologram. Cool…right?

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