December 06, 2010
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Madeline Bea is an incredible artist….she inspires me. I’ve been following her work for a while and today I am joining her for this week’s Sunday Creative. The theme is “frozen.” As it turns out, my neighborhood looked quite frozen after an early snow in North Carolina on Saturday.
IMG_8731 RS
North Carolina rarely gets snow. In fact, when it does snow, no one knows what to do with themselves. Typically, the grocery stores are filled up with people buying up milk, bread and eggs. For anyone that has relocated to NC from a snow state, they think it’s hilarious. Truth be told, we just don’t have the snow plows and such to handle such weather. 

But, Saturday the snow was quite lovely. It laid on the ground, but not the roads…and by 7 o’clock, we were driving to an engagement party. Unfortunately, the snow quickly melted on Sunday. I was not able to get those beautiful snowy landscape shots that I imagined, but I was able to capture a few shots as it fell. For more “frozen” photos, go to: 
The Sunday Creative

IMG_8706 RS
I don’t really enjoy frolicking in the snow (um…I’m not sure I ever frolic), but I when I stepped outside, I noticed a couple of leaves laying on the ground. I loved the way the snow covered this beautiful red leaf.
IMG_8703 RS
You can hardly tell that it was snowing in this photo, but I swear it was taken right before the previous picture. Nonetheless, it’s December…and we have had our first snow. Something tells me it’s going to be an interesting winter. For more macro photos, go to: