December 23, 2010
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My Favorite
Our niece often asks me (while we’re watching tv, eating dinner, etc) if it’s my “favorite.” Most often…the answer is no – no offense, but the _____________________ (insert latest kids’ show) isn’t exactly what I’d watch on my own time. However, when I think back over the past year with my camera…and pick my “favorite picture,” the shot below is definitely at the top of my list.
Alyssa, Jeremy and Carter BW-RS
It must have been Thanksgiving…I’d just gotten my Canon Rebel XSi  and we were thrilled to be home. Jeremy was just playing with the kids on the couch, but they looked like they were having so much fun that I HAD to capture the moment. I didn’t know a thing about correctly using my camera, but I love this shot all the same. In fact, I hope to capture even more shots like this over the holidays. For more “favorites,” go to:
And of course, Merry Christmas!