January 06, 2011
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John + Karen…Get Married!
I met Karen sometime last year (during another friend’s bachelorette party I think) and it was as if I’d met a long lost friend. We immediately hit it off and each time we bumped into each other, we picked up where we left off.  You can imagine how escatic I was when she contacted me a few months ago with a big announcement…she and John were getting married!

On the evening of December 24th, Karen and John got married in Key West Florida in a small ceremony on the beach. When they came back, they were ready to celebrate with all of their family and friends.
IMG_0571 RS
Don’t you love the invitations that John designed? They had this same design tattooed on the inside of their arm. 

The Shades of Pink
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IMG_0575 RS
I told Karen that I was testing the light with this shot. Truth be told, I thought she looked so pretty that a “getting ready” shot needed to be captured. Throughout the night, we joked that she should wear her hair like that everyday. Doesn’t she look like an actress off of Mad Men?
IMG_0579 RS
While Karen and John finished getting ready, I noticed that their dog waited patiently outside. Bless her heart.
IMG_0615 copy RS
Once everyone was ready, we took a quick family portrait. I kind of like the contrast of our newlyweds in the kitchen with their fur babies.
IMG_0641 copy bw-RS
From that point, my husband became our driver for the night and drove us around downtown Raleigh. We were hoping to get a shot in front of the fountain, but the city had it turned off (boooo). So, we decided to run into the road real quick for the above shot.
IMG_0664 copy RS
We then visited a friend who just happened to have a room with a view. As luck would have it (and I’m convinced that he planned it this way), we made it up to his condo right at sunset. If you’ve been looking for a great tutorial on shooting sunsets, CLICK HERE (don’t be surprised if you want to follow her work too…she’s incredible).
IMG_0933 copy RS
Finally, before heading over to the reception, we stopped at the twinkling wall. No posing necessary…this couple is completely in love. 

So that’s your first sneak peak. I want to thank Karen and John again for allowing me to be a part of your day. You guys looked absolutely amazing and I have many more photographs from your day to edit. I may or may not share those on my blog…we’ll see. Happy Thursday!