One Snowy Night
I don’t know if I like this photo or not. On Christmas Night, my husband and I were driving home from my parents house. There were threats of snow, so we thought it best to get home safely before the roads got too covered. On our way home, we may a quick decision to get Chinese takeout – we had some leftovers, but wanted to be sure we had plenty of food in the event that we couldn’t get out the next day. 

This is all a moot point considering that while the roads were covered the next day, my husband still decided to drive over to Walmart the next morning to get the proper ingredients for snow cream…a delicacy I had not experienced until December 26, 2010. 

Anyways…so, my husband is inside the Chinese takeout place while I’m sitting out in the car waiting. I look outside and it starts snowing…first a few snow flakes and then it starts to pour. Obviously I had my camera, so I took this photograph. I was able to meter off of the lamp post to capture the snow falling on the trees. Ignore the dirty windows.
Snowwy Night
“I believe that the photographer’s task is to find beauty and highlight it, helping others to see it.”

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