She doesn’t have any personality…NOT!
Alyssa is a bit of a ham. I pull out my camera and she jumps in front of it. I’m afraid she took after my husband…and for our family’s sake (and I say this in love), I hope that that gene has been passed. If not, I need to find a lot of energy!
IMG_1235 RS
This is Alyssa’s pig face…I think. Or maybe she was showing me how to snort. Either way, it’s funny.
IMG_1209 RS
My mother-in-law took a picture very similar and Alyssa loved it so much she wanted me to reproduce it. Granted, I don’t really care for the pin lights or blown out portion of her forehead but it’s still kind of cute.
IMG_1166 RS
I thought I’d throw in a color photo to show you how pretty her eyes are – this might be the only time I captured decent light in her eyes. Look at those two front teeth!
IMG_1224 RS
I’m not sure what my husband was showing her here. Usually when he’s teaching her something new, it leads to weeks worth of material/annoying behavior that her parents just LOVE!
IMG_1237 RS
As you might notice, I was really struggling with light. The last shot was taken without flash and is pretty grainy. However, the other shots were taken with my external flash. I’ve had an ongoing battle with my mother/father-in-law’s house and my flash. They have incredible tall ceilings. If you are in the center of the room playing with the children, there are very few places to bounce your flash. Furthermore, the entire house is made of wood so when I do flash, it often creates orange light (I have the same problem in the family cabin). I suppose I could customize my white balance, but I’m lazy. As of right now, the score is house 2, Ashley ZERO. I guess the battle will continue!

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