January 24, 2011
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Shoot and Edit: Week 3 – Good Night SOOC
Welcome to the third week of Shoot and Edit: Part 1

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This week our theme or prompt is to show us one shot SOOC that says “Good Night” to you (this is just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot).  You have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up on Jill’s blog. On Thursday, you can link up your edits with ME after following some of my tips on how to edit your shots (or just post your edit on Thursday and you can pick up my tips for next week).

One of my favorite things about the evening is snuggling with Kitty Paw on the couch. She loves laying on a blanket…and with the introduction of a very soft animal print blanket, she loves to lay as close as possible to us when we’re chilling out at night. On Friday night, I was cleaning my equipment while sitting on the couch. She was curled up beside me. She looked so sweet, I had to take a picture. Granted, I could have gone a lot wider with my aperture, but that’s alright. Here is my SOOC shot:
Nighttime Paw SOOC

Nighttime Paw EXIF

Wait…what is this…a second shot? The SOOC shot below is actually courtesy of Jill. Jill and I were chatting the other day, and I mentioned that we may see a few bathtub photos this week (maybe I’m wrong, but I’m convinced I’ll see at least one)…and that it might be helpful to have one editing example to share. Bathtub photos can be difficult, but I’ve got some fairly simple tricks up my sleeve to help you with white balance. Stay tuned!
Boys in the Tub SOOC rs

Boys in the Tub EXIF

Next week’s theme is “RED.” With that said, be sure to check out other “Good Night” SOOC shots at:

Good to Wow

By the way, today is my first day posting as a Mortal Muse. Stop by and say hello!