January 21, 2011
The Day Planner
Many of you have often wondered how I keep track of everything. It’s simple…I carry a day planner with me everywhere. In fact, I nearly titled this post, “My Lifeline.” Outside of my camera and my computer, my day planner is one of those things I really must have with me…kinda sad huh?
Day Planner RS
As you can tell by the worn edges, I flip through it a lot. On any given date, I have several things listed from themes for that day, to reminders to write something or ideas I don’t want to forget. I also tend to paper clip stuff into the edges and write down exif data for certain shots I want to reproduce. If you don’t have a day planner…I really encourage you to get one. I’m not even a list person and it makes my life sooo much easier.

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