Water Droplets
The other day, Jill posted an incredible tutorial on how to capture water droplets. When I came home last night, it was the first thing on my mind (and I know, it took me a while to work through her tutorial…I’ve been busy). I actually took a number of shots that I’m really pleased with, but I found myself spending entirely too much time in Photoshop, so I decided to share just three of them for the time being.
IMG_1422 RS
The first shot (above) is probably closest to the color of the dish I was using. I had completely forgotten that I had green casserole dishes…and now I am so glad I do. I was trying really hard to capture a single droplet. I didn’t exactly accomplish that, but I thought this still looked cool.
IMG_1380 RS
Now, I didn’t set up my shots exactly as Jill suggested. I tried using my tripod, but I couldn’t get as close to the water droplets as I needed to in order to capture the moment. I was  also working with zero natural light, so I had to rely on my trusty speedlite. Whatever the case, it created some pretty interesting images. If you look closely, you can almost see me. I love the bubbles that the water creates. For more bubbles, go to:

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(I’m also linking up with Angel Perry’s first photo challenge. The theme this week is beauty.)

IMG_1447 B&A
Finally, I thought it’d be helpful to share my SOOC and editing steps (this is not nearly as detailed as I’ll get on Thursday). As I said above, I was underwhelmed with the original color of my dishes. Fortunately, I was able to play around with the color balance adjustment layer to create a much brighter shade of green. It makes me happy. For more touch-ups, go to: 

Photography love...

IMG_1447 RS
So that’s what’s going on in my world. Be sure you check out Jill’s tutorial and have a great Tuesday!

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