Bare RS
This week was one of my busier weeks at work – one of those weeks where I have a chance to use my psychology degree. On Wednesday afternoon, I found myself escaping the office and driving into the countryside. I’m not sure it requires much explanation, but I find comfort and peace on these little country roads – granted, I also wanted to take advantage of  a 70 degree day (which quickly turned back into a 40 degree day…strange weather we’re having right now) with my camera. 

In particular, I thought of Tara’s Live Every Moment photo challenge. This week’s theme is trees. As much as I love to photograph leaves…especially during warm months, I find that the branches of trees are quite lovely.

Taken a step further, I have become quite intrigued with two types of adjustments: Inverse and Threshold. I first experimented with this effect a few weeks ago for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. If you’re interested in achieving a similar look, I encourage you to find those functions within your adjustment layers and experiment. For added effect, I applied a couple of textures. 

Happy Friday!