Beautiful Bokeh
My brother turned 27 on Friday. To celebrate, we had lunch with the family on Sunday. Surprisingly enough, it was a beautiful day…even more surprising, my brother asked if I could quickly take a picture of him with his girlfriend. So, I walked outside to adjust my settings. I took one shot…went to preview and noticed that I was completely out of focus. However, I couldn’t delete the shot – it was much too beautiful. It also served as gentle reminder that life can be just as pretty (if not prettier) if I don’t stay so focused all the time.
Beautiful Day RS
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Needless to say, when my brother asked if I would take their photo real quick…he meant REAL QUICK. I was all prepared with my beautiful background when he grabbed his girl and posed in front of the birdhouse. I snapped a few shots (didn’t even have a chance to see if they were in focus) before he ran over, hugged my neck and told me he’d see me later.
Sarah and Eric RS
One more thing (and this is the last time I’ll ask)…would you vote for my shot of Caroline – #20 (just click on the button on the left)? Voting ends today at 10 am (west coast time) and it would mean so much to me if I won this challenge (update: voting has ended…thanks for all your votes).
PS: Amber put together a beautiful video montage inspired by Nichole Nordeman’s song “Live.” She was so sweet to reach out to myself as well as a few other bloggers…and include our photographs in this montage. I watched it earlier this morning and it is all inspiring and beautiful. In fact, the words to the song paired with our photographs brought tears to my eyes. If you have a moment, please take a moment to watch. Click HERE.
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Thanks again and Happy Tuesday!