Cake Smash!
On January 22nd, Caroline turned 1! I  posted a sneak peak of my photos from that session on Friday (if you haven’t seen them yet, click HERE), and I re-shared one of those images for I Heart Faces’ “People’s Choice” challenge yesterday (if you haven’t already, please vote: #236). 

As promised, I thought I’d share more images from the ever popular “CAKE SMASH!” As you can see, she wasn’t too shy with her birthday cake. When “shooting” people, I have a tendency to focus too much on faces, so I decided to experiment with my perspectives. In post-processing, I couldn’t decide which I liked more (color or black/white), so I’m sharing some of both. Enjoy!
IMG_1696 bw blog

IMG_1699 blog

IMG_1703 bw blog

IMG_1704 blog

IMG_1711 bw blog
I love love love this black and white shot…or maybe I just love those eyelashes!
IMG_1712 blog

IMG_1726 bw blog

IMG_1728 blog
This last shot reminds me of the old show, “You Can’t Do That On Television.” Do you remember that show…and the green slime? I kinda want my own cake with green icing now. I’m just saying! Anyways…I hope these photos make you as happy as they make me.

Also, don’t forget to VOTE for Caroline’s Photo over at I Heart Faces: #236
IMG_1721 bw blog
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