February 05, 2011
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How could you say no…
…to this face? 
Will you be my Valentine?
As luck would have it, I made The Paper Mama’s TOP 30 – #20! If you can imagine it, I’m doing my happy dance right now. So, if you loved my photo entry (above), would you PLEASE vote for me? Pretty please…with a cherry on top? Voting will be open until February 8th at 1pm EST and the winners will be posted on February 9th. We can vote for our top 3 favorite cards – but only once so tell all your friends!
The Paper Mama

In other news, this is the first week of Selfie Saturdays and the theme this week is “Our Dream Self.” All you need to do is to post a Self-Portrait you’ve taken before that represents what you want to look/feel like. 
20. Self Portrait - Ashley Sisk
I decided to go with the image above because it was the first time I was able to capture a decent portrait of myself (even if I was running back and forth using my self-timer…I’ve since bought a remote trigger). I love my focus and the catch lights in my eyes.  Although I thought I did a good job with this shot, I’m really looking forward to learning more in the way of how to get a bit more creative with my self-portrait images.  


I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I’ll see you tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.