February 19, 2011
Selfie Saturday
“The toughest part of taking selfies of ourselves and our hubbies is that hubbies come in two sizes: uncooperative and completely uncooperative.” – Elena, Selfie Magic

Elena was spot on that selfie couple portraits are a challenge.  Last week, when I saw that this week’s prompt would be “couples,” I quickly sent an email to my husband requesting a photo op…he agreed (Elena suggested that when doing couples photos, that you request one hour of uninterrupted time so your other/better half doesn’t get all antsy). We had a few errands to run last Sunday and when we got home, I was ready to go with my tripod and remote. One problem…I’m not very good at giving direction and my husband needs direction when it comes to photographs. Thus, we got off to a rocky start. 

First shot – silhouette…not exactly what I was going for. Second shot – much better, but I wanted a few more poses. What? Out of time? Nope – my parents arrived for an afternoon visit. And our light…gone. Either way, I think my  husband looks hot.
Valentines Couple RS
 50mm, ISO 200, f/4.5, 1/80 sec.

So, the bad news is that we only got one shot for our Valentine’s Day moment…the good news is that I think we’ll be much better prepared for future couple’s selfies – thanks Elena for the tips. We’ll be ready next time! For more couple’s selfies (and shots of love: Foto Friday), go to:

Next week’s theme is “arms-length” self portraits. I should give my sister a call…she loves this pose! 

While I’m here, I’d love to introduce you to a new friend (she may not be new to you – she already has a huge following): Holly from This Momma Rocks! She hosts Click it Thursday and Photo Share Saturday. This week’s photo share is all about photographing your kids. 

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 Have a great Saturday!