Thank Goodness it’s FRIDAY!
What a week! As of yesterday, I was still serving jury duty…today, I am a free woman. I spent most of my day sitting and waiting. If you were following me on Twitter, you saw my announcement around 3 o’clock that we’d been released. I’m not exactly sure what the circumstances of our particular case were, but they managed to reach some sort of settlement. So, I guess I’m free of jury duty for another two years. Yay!
Caroline Birthday 17 RS
With that said, thank goodness it’s Friday! I haven’t had much time to shoot anything new, and I clearly need new material to photograph, but I hope you won’t mind seeing just one more photo of Caroline (who I think should be deemed my “winter muse”).  Actually, that’s a lie – I’ll be sharing one more on Monday. Either way, I absolutely love the softness of this image…and those eyelashes are to die for! I’m also loving the black and white action I’ve been using for this set: Nelly Nero’s Classic Black and White. Click HERE for all of her FREE actions.
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