February 15, 2011
Valentine Flowers
Yesterday, I shared a picture of my husband  holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers – if you missed it, click HERE. During the course of our photo shoot, I decided that my original plan was quickly becoming an epic failure so I thought it might be better to just photograph the flowers instead. So what did he do? – he held them up to his head hoping he’d still be in the picture. Men! 

Here’s my SOOC shot. Can you see my husband’s head on the far right? 
50mm, ISO 100, f/2, 1/2000 sec. 

Now that I’m not completely annoyed by his antics, it was kinda funny…and I kinda wish I had captured his goofy face in the picture. It would have been hilarious – oh well! In an effort to save my long-winded steps for Thursday’s Shoot and Edit Part 2, I’ll keep it brief (as brief as I’m capable of doing). This first edit is my “clean edit.” A  little crop, a little curves, a little levels, a little high pass filter and we’ll call it a day.
IMG_1991 original RS
I loved my clean edit, but I wanted to create softer tones, so I applied Totally Rad’s Lux action at 100%. This is probably my favorite.
IMG_1991 lux RS
Finally, I decided to go back to one of my favorite tutorials: Creating the Fairy Garden Effect. I thought that if I went through the steps again, that I’d somehow feel a new wave of inspiration. The result…I can’t wait for warmer weather (minus my allergies). And although I’m not sure that the fairy garden effect fully worked on this image, it was still fun.
IMG_1991 dreamy RS
So what do you think? Which edit is your favorite? 

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Happy Tuesday!