Dustyn and Carsyn
On Wednesday morning, I shared a picture (two edits) of Miss Daisy. Today, I thought I’d share a few shots of Dustyn and Carsyn. I even managed to sneak their momma, Sarah the Naptime Momtog in!
Look Up Dustyn blog
Shannon and Casey had to leave a bit early so it was just me with Sarah and her boys. Although I’m not a mother, I have been babysitting for years and know that kids almost always need something to keep them occupied. So, I actually brought my vintage cameras to the park and asked Dustyn if he’d like to play with one of my cameras. 
Show Me the Camera
I then asked Dustyn if he would do me a favor and sit on on the picnic table bench. I find that if a kid has something new to examine, they’ll sit for almost as long as you’d like. So, while he sat and played…I photographed. I love the above shot of him.
Mommy and Me blog
I was also sure to capture Sarah holding Carsyn. He is the sweetest baby (well, she seriously does have two of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met) and as long as I wasn’t holding him (and you know I tried), he was smiling. I love this moment. 

With that said, be sure to stop by Sarah’s place and visit a few of the other bloggers I’m linking up with today. Have a great weekend!

(Favorite Things: photographing young children and vintage cameras)