Hide and Go CHEESE!
This past weekend, we drove up to the mountains to celebrate my husband’s aunt’s 50th birthday. Although it was technically a “surprise” party, our guest of honor arrived early so I wasn’t able to capture her grand entrance. However, I did enjoy chasing the children around with my camera. Amazingly enough, I was able to get a smile from each of them, even though they spent most of the night running away from me.
Grayson RS

Alyssa RS

Logan RS
I have to tell you that Logan (pictured above), was the most resistant to having his picture taken. I actually had to trick him into this particular shot because he kept holding his phone in front of his face (speaking of which…since when did kids get cell phones?).  He later took a picture of me with his cell phone and “threatened” to post that picture on Facebook. I was quick to grab my husband’s droid (since my blackberry has limited internet access) to show him that he was not going to embarrass me AT ALL by posting pictures of me on the internet. He clearly doesn’t follow my blog, does he? Either way, he’s going to be a very handsome young man…watch out ladies!
Have a great Tuesday!