Last weekend, I photographed Fellowship Church‘s youth group. I plan on sharing more photos from that session on Friday. After our session, my friend Pam (who is their Youth Leader) and I went back to her office to take a few photos of her at her desk. I also had a chance to meet her son, Judah. Believe it or not, the last time I saw him…he hadn’t been born yet (Pam’s baby shower). Isn’t he a cutie?
Judah Collage
I don’t have many pictures of Judah. We only had a few minutes together and I was a complete stranger to him…so he wasn’t sure what to do with me, but I think this shot is pretty sweet. I used Florabella’s Halo action at 25% opacity and Milk at 20% opacity on the first edit (middle shot) and Florabella’s Black and White Blush action on the second edit (last shot). 
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