March 28, 2011
Categories: Ramblings
Random Monday Update!
It’s Monday afternoon…I’ve been in a meeting all day and I’m feeling a little bit random, so I thought I’d post a few random updates.   

Kitty Paw and I want to thank everyone that submitted a caption on Friday. You guys are way too creative. We couldn’t narrow it down to just ONE favorite, so we chose two. 
  • Submitted by Kimberly, “What do you mean you can’t see the mouse I just swallowed?! It’s right here! See?” 
  • Submitted by Flower Photography, “ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! (low to high pitch yeowl) If you cry over one more episode of Glee, that’s it I am leaving!”   
My Perspective*Grab My Button*

In other news, Mello Yello left this comment on yesterday’s post:

Your Diet Mello Yello experience sounds like a total bummer. Right now, there is no Diet Mello Yello, however, we have just introduced Mello Yello Zero to market. It’s only in a handful of places right now, but expect to see it in more locations by the end of summer.
Stay smooth,
The Original Smooth™ 

I am completely aware of the fact that Mello Yello isn’t good for you. However, for nostalgia purposes, I am super excited about even the idea of Mello Yello Zero. I may have to wait a few more months for it…but it’ll be totally worth it. In fact, if the Mello Yello people are reading this right now…I’ll gladly be on your testing team.

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!