The Portico: Sneak Peek!
Last Saturday, I met up with my friend Pam and a few members (14-16) of The Portico (aka the youth group she leads) for a quick photography session…and I say quick because we’re talking about teenagers and they have a pretty short attention span. 

I’ve never really photographed a large group before so it was quite interesting trying to coordinate so many bodies, but we had a lot of fun. Pam really does have a great group of kids! Here’s a few pictures from our session:
IMG_2605 RS
We started out at the fountain to get everyone warmed up. It’s always funny to me how nervous we (yes, including myself) get when there’s a camera in our face. It didn’t take long though before they were giggling and ready to put on a show (specifically the guy in the middle).
IMG_2951 BW-RS
I don’t know why, but I love this shot of their hands – it looks like it should be a poster or something. To get this shot, I had to get underneath the group and point up – it was quite hard to focus, but the result is pretty cool…at least I think so.
Live Every Moment    and then, she {snapped}

IMG_2651 RS
As we were walking over to a small park, Pam thought it’d be neat to capture the group walking under this covered walkway. Walking should be easy…right?
IMG_2673 bw-RS
Yep…more walking.
IMG_2728 RS
So then we get to the park and I suggest a JUMPING shot. What teenager doesn’t like a jumping shot? …..yeah, that’s what I thought. I actually got a ton of jumping shots (most of which are blurry). They were laughing so hard that I told them to keep jumping. It was way too fun! By the way, if you want to see more jumping shots, check out THEME Thursday. This week’s theme is JUMP and next week’s theme is ACTIVE.
 Another Day Another Diaper    
(also linking up with …a thousand words – theme: “it’s still up in the air!”)
IMG_2743 BW-RS
I don’t know if you can tell, but this group has NO personality…
IMG_2766 BW-RS
IMG_2783 RS
This would be our “ultra cool” shot. I love the sky…I also love how the boys are picking on one another on the far right.
IMG_2908 bw-RS
At this point, we went to the train tracks. Pam assured me that trains rarely (if ever) passed through the area, but we stayed cautious.
IMG_2815 RS
At one point, we saw a police car pull up and just stare at us. I told the group that that was our cue to hit the road! The cops were pretty nice about it though and just reminded us to be careful…besides, we had plenty of adult supervision.
IMG_2857 RS
After shooting for almost an hour, several members of the group had to get back to the church for dance practice, but a few hung around so we could walk down the tracks a little further. This likely falls under trespassing.
IMG_2966 RS
And of course you remember this shot from yesterday. I’d like to once again thank Pam and the Portico for having me. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!
IMG_3004 Sun-Kissed RS

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Have a great Friday!