Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1
As I’ve mentioned a few times already, this past weekend, I joined my friend Jennifer for her Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston, S.C. Fortunately for us, the weather (although a bit breezy at times) was perfect. Unfortunately for those we left behind…disaster. Yes, I do live in the area affected by the recent tornadoes in North Carolina, our home was not affected.
IMG_3851 RS
We got into town around lunch. So, after meeting up with the girls at the Kickin Chicken, we hit King Street for a little shopping. By the way, see that extremely pale girl in the middle…yeah, I need a tan!
Shopping Collage
I was in charge of photography so I did my best to try to catch the girls in action. To be completely honest, I thought photographing the weekend was the perfect way to avoid spending all my money.
IMG_3848 RS
Later that evening, we were scheduled to join a walking Ghost Tour. I thought I might try to capture a few ghosts, so I brought my camera. I was adjusting my settings when our tour guide (pictured top left) called me out, “Excuse me, could you put that away? That’s going to be really annoying if you keep doing that.” 

I took that one picture and was in the process of making some adjustments when he said that…so, I put the camera down and said, “Sure thing, no problem.” In which he continued fussing at me, “I mean, how would you feel if I was photographing or videotaping you?” Now I’m irritated but I’m trying to play it cool, “Ya know, it really wouldn’t bother me, but it’s cool…camera down.” I should have told him that he could take pictures or video as long as he redirected back to my website, but I thought that was too much.
Ghost Tour Collage
Needless to say, just after fussing at me, our tour guide was quick to point out that we were NOT on a ghost tour…we were on the Dark Side tour which involved a long discussion about prostitution and murder. After standing in front of a brick building for at least 30 minutes discussion prostitution and listening to his potty mouth, we decided that it would be in our best interest to leave the tour. Therefore, we saw no ghosts…but we did get our money back.
IMG_3881 RS
Luckily for us, one of the girls in our group was from Charleston…so, she took us to a neat bar/restaurant called Husk. I want to say it was 9:30 pm at this point…I was getting hungry but the girls were still smiling. That’s my friend Jennifer on the left, isn’t she beautiful?
IMG_3888 RS
For dinner, we had 10 o’clock reservations at Muse. Wow – the food was delicious. I should have taken photos of us during dinner, but I was a bit busy inhaling my meal. As we were leaving, we asked one of the guys in the restaurant if he would take a group photo. Let me tell ya, I was a bit hesitant to hand over my 7D…but he seemed safe enough.
IMG_3899 RS
We ended the night at a beautiful bar/lounge. I should have written down the name because I’ve never seen a bar so beautiful. At this point, I was a bit tired…I’m starting to believe I’m getting old and I haven’t even hit 30. The things we do for our friends! Had the camera been turned on me, I can’t promise I would have looked nearly as good as my friends Emily and Jennifer.
IMG_3905 RS
So that was our first night in Charleston. I’m hoping to share Part 2 with you on Friday. Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday.
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By the way, I had planned to join Vloggin’ Vednesday today > the theme is 10 Years Ago…now and then. However, when I went to look for some photos from 2001, I couldn’t find any. It would have been the end of my first year in college. Although I could just videotape myself and talk about myself 10 years ago…I get the impression (and I agree) that you guys enjoy the mix of video, photography and music. I’ll see if I can find those pictures to share another time.