April 09, 2011
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Selfie Saturday: The Fan
Earlier this week, I read Elena’s “My Friend, the Fan.” My first thought, “um…this is going to be interesting.” But then I put on my big girl britches and decided to give it a try…meaning that I went to the gym, took an incredibly fast shower, got all dolled up, chased Kitty Paw around and set up my “studio” (also known as my bedroom by the window) all before the sun went down. Actually, it worked to my advantage – the light was perfectly GORGEOUS! 

To be completely honest, it’s been beyond difficult not to share these photos with you all week…it’s like trying to keep a good secret. If you’ve ever considered taking some self-portraits but have been a bit nervous to get in front of the camera, I seriously encourage you to do so.  Need a little extra inspiration? Click HERE to read Courtney’s post: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, and HERE to read about the I Am Beautiful Project hosted by Jill Samter Photography.

For the first time, I felt like all of Elena’s self-portrait tips were coming together…the eyes, focus, light, posing, etc. I used a tall flower decor thingie to “stand in” for me while I focused, then I jumped in with my trusty remote shutter release and started posing. Here are a few of my favorites.
IMG_3546 blog

IMG_3523 blog

IMG_3537 blog

IMG_3548 blog

IMG_3547 blog

IMG_3530 blog

IMG_3533 blog

IMG_3554 bw blog

IMG_3560 blog
I actually couldn’t decide whether I should post my black and white conversions (courtesy of Flora Bella Lux II – BW Film) or my color processing (Flora Bella Lux II – Swoon), so if you’d like to see the entire set (including all color and bw conversions), click HERE.

With that said, we’re attending a wedding at the beach this weekend…which of course means that I won’t be doing any blog hopping until Sunday night/Monday morning. But, I look forward to seeing your self-portraits and Scavenger Hunt Sunday entries as soon as I return.
Have a great weekend!