April 02, 2011
Selfie Saturday…The Glasses
At some point in the past couple of weeks, I decided that I needed a pair of dorky glasses. I think my mild obsession stems from an episode of American Idol in which one of the contestants was wearing a ginormous pair of glasses (much like the ones you see me wearing). For some reason, these glasses reminded me of being a silly kid…the kid that was itching to get out! So, I made plans to play a bit of an April Fools Day joke on one of my coworkers by wearing the glasses to work yesterday. 

I was going to tell her that I got something in my eyes on Thursday night…that my vision started to get blurry and we rushed to the emergency room. My eyes are still a little bit foggy so they suggested I wear these glasses until everything cleared up. UNFORTUNATELY, one of my other coworkers decided he should present his LAME attempt at an April Fools Days joke before mine could unfold, so…by the time I got around to mine, she was all clued in. Oh well – I’ve never been much of a joker anyways…I always screw up the punch line. 

Anyways, sometime around lunch it got incredibly quiet on our hall. I was a bit bored and procrastinating on an assignment (I told you, creativity hits me in waves). So, what’s a girl to do when she gets bored on a Friday afternoon? Funny you should ask…she puts on her dorky glasses and spends 20 minutes taking self portraits! For your entertainment, may I present to you “Ashley and The Glasses.”
IMG_3421 RS

IMG_3426 RS
2. Shutter Love Tuesday entry

IMG_3427 RS

IMG_3428 RS

IMG_3431 RS

IMG_3437 RS

IMG_3444 RS

IMG_3446 RS
I completely recognize that many of my shots lack a bit of focus, but for what they lack in focus, I hope they make up in character. So, do you like the glasses…are they me? My assistant tells me that they aren’t me at all – I beg to differ. For more self-portraits, go to:
Be sure to come back tomorrow – I’ve got two more self-portraits for you in Scavenger Hunt Sunday!