April 18, 2011
Shoot and Edit: Week 15 – Easter SOOC
Welcome to the 15th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 1. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes.  

This week our theme or prompt is “Easter” (this is just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot).  You have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up on Jill’s blog. On Thursday, you can link up your edits with ME after following some of my tips on how to edit your shots (or just post your edit on Thursday and you can pick up my tips for next week).

I spent last weekend in Charleston, SC with my friend Jennifer for her Bachelorette Weekend. The weather held out for us and I have a couple hundred photos to go through over the next few days, but I also wanted to capture a photo that represented “Easter” while I was there. On Saturday, we walked past a church and cross bearing a purple pall. The color purple is symbolic of both the pain and suffering leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus, as well as the suffering of humanity and the world under sin.  Purple is also the color of royalty. During the Season of Lent, we remember the suffering and death of Jesus,  and we anticipate Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Although I certainly have my fair share of Easter bunny decorations laying around the house, I felt like the cross was much more symbolic of Easter for me.

Here’s my SOOC shot:

Easter EXIF

Much like last week, I’ve got a really well exposed image so, with regard to editing, I may demonstrate how to use selective coloring (not necessarily my favorite technique, but it’s worth showing). I also want to talk about calibration. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Next week’s theme is “Friends/Family.” With that said, be sure to check out other “Easter” SOOC shots at:
Have a great Monday!

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