Two Girls + Two Cameras = 100% Goofy
Yesterday, I was supposed to participate in a photography workshop. Notice the phrase “supposed to?” Scattered thunderstorms canceled those plans. No worries, Casey gave me a call and we decided to meet up for a little photography session of our own.
IMG_4225 RS
Casey and I have met up a few times, but this was our first one-on-one date. I can assure you that it will not be our last! We tried to see who could out-goof the other. Although she was kind in her post last night, I’m pretty sure that she’ll be posting photos of me acting goofy as ever in no time. Her best attempts at being goofy are still gorgeous. Seriously!
IMG_4202 RS
I also really love this natural shot of her. She claims that she wasn’t prepared for the cameras to be turned on her – I’m calling her bluff! Either way, this is just your sneak peak – I’ll share more images over the weekend.