Giddy Up!

Have you ever visited Urban Dictionary? I tell ya what, it’s the greatest source for all things pop culture – although some of their definitions can be a bit scandalous (just giving you fair warning). I wasn’t sure what to post today, until I ran across an image I took last week, when I met up with Casey. As we were walking downtown, I spotted this vintage mechanical horse (or as my friend Emily calls it, a grocery store horse). It was screaming to be photographed. It was only when I dropped this photo’s html into blogger that “giddy up” emerged.  

For the record, I don’t say “Giddy Up,” although I have been known to say some pretty random things. Just a few weeks ago, “super” became my new favorite word. For example:
  • My coworker might say, “ugh, my back and knees are killing me!” 
  • Me: “Well that’s SUPER!”  
As you can see, I am completely random today. Anyways, Urban Dictionary defines “giddy up” as:

1. Giddy Up: the new “you betcha”, “let’s go”, “i’m in”, et. al.
  • Guy 1: You ready to go to the game? 
  • Guy 2: Giddy Up!  
2. Giddy Up: in the show “Seinfeld”, the character Kramer uses this word repeated. It means lets go/ready to go.
  • Bill: Do you wanna go to the movies? 
  • Mike: Giddy Up
3. Giddy Up: upon introduction to a new idea or plan, this phrase is used.
  • Emily: “Let’s go to a new party.” 
  • Bobby: “Giddy Up!”
With all that in mind, I think today is the perfect day to introduce the phrase “Giddy Up” into your vocabulary. That’s right, I’m sharing this phrase with you today. And, if you don’t watch it, I’ll make these vocabulary lessons a regular (abet random) thing here at Ramblings and Photos! For me personally, “giddy up” is completely appropriate. This weekend we’re celebrating our niece’s 7th and our nephew’s 2nd birthdays. It’s going to be awesome…complete carnival style (so I’ve been told). Stay tuned for photos! On that note, I’m ghost (A term meaning you’re leaving. Similar to “outta here.”). Have a great weekend! 

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